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Cosmic Love
Orig. Florence + The Machine
Soloist: Lex Payne
​Arranger: Aidan Levine

365 Days
Orig. ZZ Ward
Soloist: Ankita Nallani
​Arranger: Katherine Bodor

Where the Streets Have No Name
Orig. U2
Soloist: Enddy Cho
​Arranger: Katherine Bodor

Promise This
​​Orig. Adele
Soloist: Luke Lones
​Arranger: Missy O'Brien

Through the Fire and Flames
Orig. DragonForce
Soloist: Stephen Harrison
​Arranger: Stephen Harrison

Bottom of the River
Orig. Delta Rae
Soloist: Missy O'Brien
​Arranger: Walker Hope

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ICCA Set 2018
(see video description for artists, soloists, and arrangers)

Orig. Elsa & Emilie
Soloists: Aalisha  Jaisinghani, Katie Whitlock, Julia Li
Arranger: Nick Youmans

Cosmic Love
Orig. Florence & the Machine
Soloist: Lex Payne
Arranger: Aidian Levine

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